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Hot Spots

Sithonia Hot Spots

Limanakia of Porto Carras:

It is not just a single beach, but rather a group of bays which forms a unique coastline with a length of about 9 km. Truly speaking there are more than 25 bays, which are called ‘limanakia’. That actually means little ports. Experience sandy beaches and the expansive blue of the Toroneos gulf!

Nikiti Old Village

Traditional recently renovated houses represent typical samples of the northern Greek architecture of the late 19th century, while the dominant building is the church of Agios Nikitas (dated from 1870), standing at the top of a hill. A walk in the narrow roads of Nikiti’s old village is a travel through the past!


A dense pine forest, enchanting beaches with clear turquoise waters and nine scattered small picturesque islets. Here lies Livari, a beautiful lagoon that is delimited from the adjacent navy-blue sea by an elongated sandy beach with pine-trees.

Porto Koufo

The largest and the safest natural harbor in Greece. Its name was mentioned first time by Thucydides, while its natural dimensions are incredible: maximum length 1.600m., maximum width 550m., maximum depth 8.23m, entrance opening 300m., entrance depth 10.33m. and 5,5-27m. There is also a memorial of the victims of Chinook helicopter crash in the sea of Porto Koufo. It was a VIP flight, among them the Greek Patriarch of Alexandria (Egypt), a spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians in Africa.


A traditional old village, that you would not expect finding in Sithonia. It has easy access from Neos Marmaras along a 5-6km serpentine road. It is a great choice for couples or families, as you can find small nice motels, tavernas and excellent spots for unforgettable pictures featuring the island of Kelyfos in the background.

Mt Itamos (or Dragoudelis)

Highest peak: 811 m. The forest offers special trails ideal for walking and biking to reach the top, where there is a magnificent view over all Halkidiki! The mountain is covered with a great variety of coniferous trees, while the typical mammal species that live there are foxes, rabbits, wild pigs and deer.


It is also called "Helona", which means turtle, because of its actual shape. Go to Neos Marmaras village and take a look of it. If you are interested enough, you can also reach the isle renting a local boat. It is about 4-5kms to go over there. Kelyfos is full of wild goats, but it is best known for its spectacular seabed.