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Terms & Conditions

The leader guide reserves the right to change or cancel part of the trip and the activity for safety reasons due to natural disasters or extreme weather conditions which may put participants in danger.

Participants are obligated to follow the instructions of the leader guide throughout the trip and activity. Each participant bears sole and full responsibility for his participation in the excursion and activity.

The activities provided are available to anyone who is mentally and physically healthy, as well as in a reasonable physical condition.

Each participant gives permission to the company to use his/her photos and videos which will be recorded during the excursion, for promotion and advertising purposes.

Each participant consents to the collection, registration and storage of personal data that has been requested for the purpose of the proper provision of service by the alternative travel agency Green Oliver and information on subsequent organized excursions and activities. All data is kept with absolute confidentiality and security and each participant reserves the right to promptly request the interruption of the collection of his personal data, as well as the permanent deletion of those collected by Green Oliver.